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Krafts by Kerry

Krafts by Kerry Afrocentric Martin Luther King Jr Art Print

Krafts by Kerry Afrocentric Martin Luther King Jr Art Print

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Honour the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. with the Afrocentric Martin Luther King Jr. Art Print by Krafts by Kerry. This powerful artwork commemorates the iconic civil rights leader and his unwavering commitment to equality and justice. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, this art print captures the essence of Martin Luther King Jr.’s powerful speeches and visionary ideals. Display this inspiring piece in your space and be reminded of his enduring legacy and the ongoing fight for equality.

Each original design is handmade using upcycled Afrocentric fabric & printed on 200gsm silk card, ready to be framed & brighten up its new home. 

If you have any questions or bespoke requests relating to Art Prints, please do not hesitate to contact Kerry at:


Adults Bonnets Width : 38.5cm/15in Adults Bonnet Stretch Allowance: 51.5cm/20in

Children's Bonnet Width: 31.5cm/12in Children's Bonnet Stretch Allowance: 41.5cm/16in

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