Luxury Satin Bonnets

A collection of night time essentials handcrafted using the finest Luxurious Satin with a silk like aesthetic.

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Luxury Satin Turban Headbands

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Adjustable Satin Lined Shower Caps

Not everyday is wash day, so for the days you need to keep your hair dry, we’ve got you covered with our lightweight, waterproof Satin Lined Showercaps.

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Satin Pillowcases

A Satin Bonnet for your pillow! A great alternative if you prefer not to wear a Satin Bonnet & still want to keep your hair protected while you sleep. Also perfect for on the go when travelling.

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Oversized Satin Scrunchies

Our signature collection of Thick Hair Friendly Satin Scrunchies, handmade with extra stretch.

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