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Krafts by Kerry

Krafts by Kerry Luxury Satin Pillowcase - Black

Krafts by Kerry Luxury Satin Pillowcase - Black

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A Luxury Satin Bonnet For Your Pillow ✨

Our handcrafted satin pillow covers are elasticated & easily slip over your existing pillows with ease. Protecting your hair from frizz & breakage. Perfect for every day use, especially when in the go, travelling.

Each kingsize pillow cover is personally handcrafted by me, here in the UK using the finest, high quality materials to ensure durability and elegance, making a luxurious addition to any bedroom & providing ultimate comfort for a restful nights sleep 💤

• Retains your hair’s natural moisture.
• Prolong’s protective styles,
• Helps to prevent breakouts, fine lines and wrinkles
• Protects hair from abrasive cotton causing frizz, dryness & hair loss.
• Temperature Regulating.


Adults Bonnets Width : 38.5cm/15in Adults Bonnet Stretch Allowance: 51.5cm/20in

Children's Bonnet Width: 31.5cm/12in Children's Bonnet Stretch Allowance: 41.5cm/16in

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Customer Reviews

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T F C Zimowa

Great product! I wish I’d gotten it sooner, smoother and easy to wash. Even if my bonnet come off while asleep, I know the pillow cover got me 😊